Algicide/Patio Cleaner

Directions For Use:

For regular cleaning and control, a 1% to 2% solution in water is normal. Algicide may be used at higher concentrations if required.

For heavily contaminated areas, such as floors, pathways, animal buildings, agricultural machinery, use a 4% to 5% solution.

The solution may be applied by brush, spray, mop, or pressure washer, and cleaning action is improved if used with warm water (approx. 400C).  The solution should not be allowed to become contaminated, as this reduces the strength of the Quaternary Ammonium Compound.

Allow up to 20 minutes for the solution to activate, then rinse off thoroughly with high pressure water.

A second application is recommended to retard re-growth, particularly on north facing walls and shaded paths. In most cases this may be applied and left to dry without rinsing.


A clear odourless liquid containing non-ionic surfactant and Quaternary Ammonium Compound.

For the control of algae, moss and lichen on paths, walls, etc.   It is also effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeast, fungi and mould.