C. E. C.

Directions For Use:

For engine and chassis cleaning, use at 1% to 5% through a hot water pressure cleaner at 75°c to 85°c. The precise strength may vary according to the type of machine, extent of soiling, and other working conditions.
C.E.C. may also be applied in a more concentrated form as a ‘pre-spray’ with the use of a low pressure, non-misting, sprayer.


A heavy-duty alkaline detergent containing a synergistic blend of biodegradable surface-active agents, emulsifier, sequestering agents and alkali builders.

For cleaning and degreasing of chassis and engines of commercial vehicles.

Also used for cleaning of garage floors, either by machine or manually.
• Easily removes traffic film, oil and grease
• Very economical in use
• Compatible with most rinse water recycling systems