C. S. W.

Directions For Use:

Set the detergent control to give a 1% – 3% solution, as required. Apply the solution evenly, starting at the bottom of the vehicle and working upwards. After suitable contact time, rinse off with clean high pressure water. Do not allow the solution to dry out on the vehicle.


C.S.W. is a high quality, heavy duty traffic film remover with rinse aid. Safe to use on all painted exterior vehicle surfaces. Removes traffic film, dirt and grime. A highly formulated product that doesn’t contain any caustic. For use in conjunction with high pressure cleaning systems.

This unique cleaning product has been formulated without added caustic. A high quality, heavy duty TFR (traffic film remover) is safe to use on all painted vehicle exterior surfaces. Removes traffic film, dirt and grime with ease without effecting paintwork.

For the best results it is recommended for use in high pressure cleaning systems, but it can be diluted into a low pressure spray if necessary.