Citrus Pre-Wash

Directions For Use:

This may be applied by low pressure hand spray.
Use neat or diluted with up to 10 parts water.
Allow to activate without drying out on the vehicle surface.
Rinse with pressure washer before applying the next washing stage.


A non-caustic cleaner containing surface active agents, water soluble solvents, soil suspending agents citrus oils.

This product is designed for use by professional detailers as part of their ‘safe washing’ method. Designed to minimise contact for washing without creating swirls in the vehicle paintwork. After use the vehicle can be either washed using the two bucket method or for further ‘Snow Foam’ cleansing. Removes general dirt, bird and
insect deposits. Can also be used as an interior pre-spray for carpets, upholstery and door panels.

A pH balanced solution. For best results; dilute up to 1:10 in a low pressure pump sprayer for better coverage.