Directions For Use:

GP 413 is to be diluted with 6 – 20 parts water, or as required. This may be applied by low pressure hand spray, brush, mop or pressure cleaner. In many cases rinsing will not be required – the surface can simply be wiped clean.

For heavy duty degreasing, use neat or diluted with up to 2 parts water.

For carpets and upholstery, a test area should be tried for colour-fastness before total cleaning is attempted.


A non-caustic general purpose cleaner containing surface active agents, water soluble solvents, soil suspending agents and detergent builders.

This powerful degreaser detergent removes general dirt, scuff marks, smoke tarnish, nicotine stains, oils and greases. It may be used in kitchens, restaurants, pubs, bars, public areas, abattoirs, garages and factories. Ideal for cleaning car interiors, carpets and upholstery, this versatile product may be used for cleaning virtually all surfaces such as walls, floors, paintwork, worktops, etc.