Directions For Use (Chassis Cleaning):
  1. Use neat for light soiling or up to 1:3 parts water for light and general cleaning.
  2. Adjust the detergent feed as required, typically 1% – 3%.
  3. Set the temperature to rough;y between 60° – 70°.
  4. Rinse thoroughly using clean high pressure water.
Directions For Use (Traffic Film Remover):

Ensure the vehicle is cool to the touch before application. Set the detergent control to give a 1% – 5% solution or as required. Apply the solution evenly, starting at the bottom of the vehicle and working upwards. After suitable contact time, rinse off with clean high pressure water. Do not allow the solution to dry out on the vehicle.


HA17 is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser used for removing traffic film and chassis cleaning. Removes stubborn dirt, traffic film, grime and grease. Leaves behind a clean and shiny finish.

Removes stubborn dirt, traffic film, grime and grease. Suitable for chassis and engine cleaning. Contains a rinse aid for easy drying. Use in conjunction with high pressure cleaning systems.