Power Force Ultra

Pre dilute with water adjust detergent feed as required typically 1% – 3%. Pre soaking will improve economy – rinse thoroughly using high pressure water.


Pre- Dilution Guide:

Heavy soiling eg chassis                  Dilute 1:1
Medium soiling eg traffic film           Dilute 3:1
Light Soiling eg frequent washing   Dilute 6:1

N.B. – Do not use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces. Do not allow the product residue to dry out on painted surfaces or staining may occur. Always rinse thoroughly after use.


Power Force Ultra (aka PFU) is a heavy duty concentrated TFR with high cleaning power. Removes tough/stubborn traffic film/soil, grime and grease with ease.

The perfect cleaner for trucks, trailers, curtains, tractors, diggers and other earth moving equipment.

Key factors of this product are:

  •  Concentrated cleaning power.
  •  Removes dirt & grime.
  •  Contains rinse aid for a shiny finish.
  •  Ideal for paint work, chassis & engine compartments.
  •  Excellent degreaser.