Pine Floor Gel

Directions For Use:

For floor cleaning make up a 0.5 to 1% solution in warm water and apply with a mop.  When dry, the surface can be buffed to a shine.  May also be used with a mechanical polisher.  For general hard surface cleaning, make up a 0.25 to 1% solution in warm water.  Apply the solution with a mop or cloth and allow to soak in.  Finally, wipe over with a damp cloth.  For sanitising, use a 2 to 5% solution in warm water to use as a general disinfectant.


An effective floor cleaner and disinfectant containing a blend of pine oil, soaps and synthetic detergents.

Pine Floor Gel cleans all hard surfaces including floors, walls and paintwork in offices, schools, shopping malls, toilets, and the interiors of buses and coaches.

Floors cleaned with Pine Gel can be buffed to a shine.