Triple X Foam

Directions For Use:
  1. Adjust your machine’s detergent control and air flow to the required rate, or dilute no more than 1:10 parts water in your foaming lance bottle.
  2. Apply the solution evenly, ensuring you cover your vehicle from top to bottom. Allow up to 5 minutes contact time.
  3. Wash the solution off with clean high pressure water.


Triple X Foam is a cheaper alternative to our Maxi Mousse. It has been made for use in conjunction foaming making equipment for a safe and effective contactless wash. Cleans vehicle exteriors and lorry curtains with ease, breaking down traffic film, grime, dirt and grease.

Once Triple X Foam has been applied to the vehicles paintwork, you can see the product acting fast at loosening tough dirt and grime on the vehicle bodywork. Can be used on all commercial vehicles including cars, buses, lorries and agricultural vehicles and equipment.