Directions For Use:
  1. Set the detergent control to give a 1% – 5% solution as required.
  2. Apply evenly, starting at the bottom and working your way upwards.
  3. Allow up 5 minutes contact time, then wash off thoroughly with clean high pressure water


A highly concentrated, high powering traffic film remover. Cleans with ease, removing dirt, grime, grease and traffic film. Leaves a beautiful shine behind. For use in conjunction with high pressure cleaning systems.

Powershine (aka TFR3) is powerful enough for any cleaning task, but also leaves behind a nice shine. This unique traffic film remover (TFR) removes stubborn traffic film/soil, grime, dirt oil and grease with ease.

This incredible high active TFR not only cleans dirt, but can also be used for chassis and engine cleaning and degreasing.