Powertech Plus

Directions For Use:

For use in scrubber-drier machines, dilute with water as required in the detergent tank.
The precise dilution rate may vary according to the amount of soiling to be removed.
For heavily soiled areas, dilute 1 part Powertech Plus with up to 10 parts water.
For medium soiling, use 1 part Powertech Plus with 20 parts water.
For light soiling and regular cleaning, use 1 part Powertech Plus with up to 50 parts water.
For manual cleaning tasks, dilute with water as required, and apply the solution with a mop or brush.


A powerful detergent containing a synergistic blend of surface-active agents, sequestering agents and degreasing additives.

Used as an additive in scrubber-drier machines for floor cleaning. May be used for cleaning any hard surface, particularly where low foaming action is required.

Safe to use for food industry applications as well as in transport and engineering industries.