Screen Wash Concentrate

Directions For Use:

For 200L of ready to use screen wash: Pour 5 litres of Screenwash Concentrated into a clean, empty 200L drum and top up with clean water.

For 1000L of ready to use screen wash: Pour 25 litres of Screenwash Concentrate into a clean, empty 1000L IBC. Top up with clean water.

NOTE: DO NOT use product neat.

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An extremely, super highly concentrated screen wash. Formulated for commercial and industrial use. Suitable for cars, trucks, buses, and agricultural applications.

Screenwash Concentrate is an extremely highly concentrated screen wash. Suitable for cars, trucks, buses, and agricultural cleaning operations. 5L of Screenwash Concentrate will get you 200L of ready to use screen wash. Diluted solution will be suitable for all year use.