Snow Foam

Directions For Use:

May be used in conjunction with foam-making equipment or pressure washer foam lance (dilute 1:5).
The most dense and stable foam is produced when used with pneumatically operated equipment.
Adjust the detergent control, water flow and air rate to achieve the desired foam effect.
Apply the solution/foam and agitate with a soft brush to release soil deposits.
Do not allow solution/foam to dry out on the vehicle.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
For best results, dry all glass with a drying towel after cleaning.


A highly active, high foaming, vehicle shampoo of neutral pH. This product contains surface active agents and foam stabilizer.

For the exterior cleaning of cars, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles. Releases soil and helps to remove traffic film, oil and grease. Produces a highly stable active foam for greater ‘cling time’.