Triple Plus


Pre-dilute with water:

Heavy soiling eg chassis                       
Dilute 2:1
Medium soiling eg traffic film                
Dilute 4:1
Light soiling eg frequent washing      
  Dilute 10:1

Adjust detergent feed as required, typically 1-3%.  Pre-soaking/spraying will improve economy.  Rinse thoroughly using high pressure spray.
NB – Do not use on aluminium or galvanized surfaces.
Do not allow the product residue to dry out on sprayed surfaces or some staining may occur. Always rinse thoroughly after use.


Triple Plus is a highly concentrated TFR (Traffic Film Remover) ideal for cleaning paintwork and degreasing chassis and engine compartments.

This excellent cleaner and degreaser contains a special inhibitor to prevent corrosion. Heavy duty foaming TFR that cuts through traffic film, grime, dirt and grease efficiently.