Waterless wash and shine

In recent years we have been asked if we made a Waterless Wash type product, one that you spray on your car with a trigger spray and then wipe off with a cloth. We were always very sceptical about this type of product and chose not to make one in favour of the more traditional method of car washing. However, due to the increase in demand for this type of product we have succumbed to the idea and took on the task of testing competitors’ products and formulated our version of the product. 

We believe we have gone one better as ours contains some of the key ingredients used in our Detail Spray product to leave the car not only clean but also with an added shine. 

Following the success of our Detail Spray, are now pleased to be able to offer our new “Waterless Wash & Shine”. 

The ultimate dry wash & detail spray in one product. No water required, simply spray on and wipe off, then buff to leave a polished finish that takes just 15 minutes to clean an average size car. 

Our product is uniquely coloured, has a pleasant lemon citrus perfume, it is also pH neutral and contains nano type silicones to give that gloss finish. 

We have made our first pre-production batch and have samples available. We have tested this new product on our own vehicles and been pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Pricing will be similar to that of the Detail Spray product and we will gladly quote you for pack sizes on request. As with all our products you can re-name the product should you wish to.