Directions For Use:
  1. Set the detergent control to give a 1% – 5% solution, as required.
  2. Apply evenly, starting at the bottom and working your way upwards.
  3. Allow up 5 minutes contact time, then wash off thoroughly with clean high pressure


XL150 (aka Posh Wash) is a versatile, commercial traffic film remover (TFR) used for exterior vehicle cleaning. A highly concentrated formulation that is to be diluted to the strength required. Use XL150 in conjunction with high pressure cleaning systems. Can also be applied by low pressure spray. Simply dilute to the strength required for the job.

This special product not only removes traffic film, but also removes grime, oil, grease and can be used as a chassis and engine cleaner. Has excellent cleaning and degreasing power. Suitable for commercial truck, bus, and agricultural cleaning, as well as detail focused valet cleaning.

XL150 is a commercial grade TFR that is supplied nationwide to distributors under their own brand. The ideal TFR for all commercial vehicle cleaning, including lorries, trucks, busses, coaches and agricultural vehicles, machinery and trailers.